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Equipment to meet your needs

Zapmill friction cooker (extruder)

We’ve recently bought a Zapmill friction cooker from Millbank technology. The friction cooker heats and pressurises dry particulates (usually a grain) to create expanded aerated structures. The resulting particulates, which have a long shelf life, can be incorporated into products, such as cereal bars, in ‘puff’ pieces or as a powder.

We’ve already done trials with brown rice, quinoa and chick peas, and created prototype products with different flavours, such as cocoa and curry.

COMSOL modelling software

We have invested significantly in technology to model the behaviour of food, drinks, packaging and factory environments in real life situations. The technology can be used to rapidly optimise food and drink processes and can model physical processes in 3D, including gas/liquid flow, heat transfer, mass transfer and solid mechanics. We are one of the first food and drink research companies to offer this service.

LED lighting system for sensory booths

We have recently invested in a new LED system in our sensory booths to increase the quality and flexibility of lighting options for sensory testing. The new system can produce a range of different colours, including artificial daylight to aid with sensory testing.