New technologies kit From May 2017

New kit for emerging technologies

New and emerging technologies often require specialist equipment. With our industry connections we are able to acquire this equipment, allowing us to both evaluate the technologies and carry out developmental contract work for clients.

We have recently installed several new pieces of kit, covering thermal preservation, non-thermal preservation and packaging technologies. All have been installed as part of longer term research projects, but many will also be available for contract trials whilst on site.

"Dubble Bubble"

This is a fully automated packaging solution designed to protect delicate products. The technology (developed with Ulma) combines a pillow pack and a quad pack in one, to produce the bubble. The product is suspended in a ‘hammock’, sealed only at the pack ends and surrounded by a cushion of air or modified gasses. The product is held securely in the inner web in either a soft vacuum or inflated, safely away from damage. We are exploring this innovative system as a means of reducing pack damage and extending shelf-life.

Microwave and ohmic heating

We have also recently installed an AMT continuous flow microwave heating unit. This rapid heating method is being used in a research project where we are looking at reducing energy use and enhancing product quality. On the same project, we have also installed a C-Tech continuous flow ohmic heating system for liquid pasteurisation.

Non-thermal pasteurisation

A new non-thermal pasteurisation system for pumpable products is being evaluated as part of a new research project. We will be looking at both process efficacy and hygienic design aspects of the technology.

Pulsed electric field processing

New equipment from Pulsemaster Solidus is helping us with a new feasibility study on using pulsed electric fields (low field strength) for improving product quality. We will be exploring its potential for brining and marinating meat products, as well its potential in brewing (improving cold hops), coffee extraction and vegetable processing (cutting and frying).

Continuous flow UV

Ipurtech’s UV/titanium dioxide treatment system is being used in a project on scale up processing of industrial waste water to reduce microbial loading, BOD and COD. We are also assessing applications in water reuse, beverage processing and hygienic design. In particular, the baffle design on the equipment allows the treatment of turbid/cloudy liquids.

There is plenty to get excited about in the next few months, with a range of technologies at a range of commercial maturity. Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss any of the above or if you’ve got a new preservation technology you’re trying to bring to market - we want to hear about it first please!

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