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Oats methods

Our Cereals and Cereal Applications Testing Working Group (CCAT) has expanded its scope to include oats in its new methods and method revalidation. This is part of our increased activity in oat science and technology. We asked Mervin Poole about CCAT and the expansion of research into oats.

So what does CCAT do?

"CCAT validates cereal–testing methods for their accuracy and precision. It runs its own proficiency schemes to support the application of the methods, and it provides a forum to discuss and establish best practice. It recently published a method for the determination of ergot in cereals. With oats in the scope of the method it becomes a valuable tool for the oat community."

And who is in CCAT?

"CCAT is open to all of our members – typically plant breeders, millers, processors and equipment manufacturers. It's a very good example of how we bring together primary producers and processors with their suppliers. Its work has been supported by member–funded research projects for over a decade. It next meets on 12 November."

And how does this fit in with Campden BRI's interest in oats?

"A recent investment in a dehuller completed our state-of-theart oat processing facilities, meaning that we can now hull, heat treat and flake oats. We also provide a lipase and peroxidise testing service to support the validation of oat stabilisation by heat treatment.

Our dynamic image analysis system can measure the particle size and shape of both oat flakes and fines in a single process. This allows fine tuning of the performance of oats and oat processes at a level not previously possible.

In 2013, we ran a hugely successful oats seminar, which brought the entire supply chain together in one forum.

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