New member-funded research projects From February 2020

Meet a MIG - packaging

In the seventh of our Meet a MIG series, we focus on the Packaging Member Interest Group (MIG). This MIG´s principal interests are to address the practical issues relating to packaging, explore the interactions between packaging and food - including the use of packaging machinery - and review new packaging materials, trends and pressures.

As with all MIGs, Packaging MIG members see presentations from relevant industry speakers and steer and participate in Campden BRI research. A key part of the MIG’s agenda is filled with members discussing what they consider to be the hottest topics within that MIG’s sector.

Do you want to discuss, or know about, the biggest issues with experts in the industry? Or perhaps find out about the research projects’ latest findings? ‘Wrap up’ the end of your week with us at the next MIG on Thursday 21 May.

Contact: Marie-Anne Nelson
+44(0)1386 842233

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