Pasteurising surrogates - in a flash From March 2015 newsletter

Pasteurising surrogates - in a flash

Our recently installed Armfield flash pasteuriser is enabling us to expand and improve our range of pilot plant trials to meet client needs, such as the effect of processing on pathogens in products. Stuart Ridgway explains:
"A study was carried out to design a set of thermal processing parameters to target naturally occurring pathogens using microbial surrogate technology - that is, harmless microorganisms that behave in a similar way to the pathogen of interest.
Thermal treatment parameters were first evaluated in a controlled laboratory environment with regards to the microbial lethality in a variety of low viscosity products inoculated with microbial surrogates. The established parameters were then programmed into the Armfield unit to apply the thermal process to the product range, to demonstrate the applicability of data obtained from the lab to pilot scale systems."

Contact: Stuart Ridgway
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