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Meet a MIG - Processing, Operations and Preservation

Our Meet a MIG series continues with the Processing, Operations and Preservation (POP) MIG - a member interest group with a broad remit covering the operational aspects of food manufacturing from raw material intake to finished product. Members include producers, manufacturers, suppliers and retailers, so MIG meetings can include a wide range of backgrounds and viewpoints. All of which adds great depth to discussions and makes for excellent networking opportunities.

Which hot topics have the POP MIG been debating recently? Not surprisingly, it’s an eclectic mix - the rise of veganism, sugar reduction, African swine fever, EU legislation on chlorates, plastic packaging, cured meat processing and reduction of nitrites, palm oil (sustainability and alternatives), the price of utilities and much more.

Current member-funded projects steered by this MIG include research into hygienic design, emerging ingredients, new technologies, rapid methods, and cleaning and disinfection of food factories.

Want to get involved? To join the MIG, or for more information, just email migs@campdenbri.co.uk. The next meeting is here at Campden BRI on 30 January. Why not POP along?

Contact: Emma Burton
+44(0)1386 842233

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