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Biscuit From August 2018 newsletter

Solve your food product quality problems

We are often approached by clients with questions related to the appearance, texture and rheology of their products. All these questions can be traced to problems with the physical properties of food.

The behaviour of food - from ingredients through to the finished product – often depends on the physical properties of the ingredients. Understanding the physical properties involved is key to investigating and solving technical problems that can arise.

Pinpointing the root cause of problems

Problems can arise during manufacturing, distribution or storage, so pinpointing the root cause of a problem can be tricky. It requires cutting-edge equipment to investigate and objectively measure things such as rheology, particle size, thermal properties, and product structure, as well as expertise to interpret the results.

Prevent manufacturing problems

You can prevent manufacturing problems and quality issues arising if you understand the physical properties of your ingredients and how they will behave during processing and the product’s shelf life. Preventing problems arising in the first place can save you valuable time and money.

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