Rapid microbial identification From April 2017

Rapid microbial identification

We have greatly enhanced the capacity and speed of our microbial identification capabilities by acquiring a MALDI–ToF (Matrix–assisted laser desorption/ionization time–of–flight) mass spetrometry system.

A key requirement in food microbiology is the ability to identify specific microorganisms rapidly – such as in confirmation of suspected Listeria and Salmonella isolates, or in differentiation of very similar organisms in order to trace routes of contamination within factories. The MALDI–ToF system allows us to do this and more, as Julie Archer explains:

“MALDI–ToF will complement the existing biochemical and 16S ribosomal DNA sequencing techniques that we currently use – bringing down the identification or confirmation time for isolates from 24–48 hours to about 15 minutes.

Its potential applications are widespread; as well as standard confirmation of isolates, we can quickly identify contaminating microorganisms during troubleshooting, helping us to determine the root cause of contamination problems. We are now able to offer very fast turnaround identification to clients and fast confirmatory testing to laboratories that have obtained presumptive positive pathogen results.”

Contact: Julie Archer
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