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Chia Seeds From May 2017

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Chia seeds as ingredients

There is a huge potential for the use of chia seeds in selected food products, not only for their significant nutritional value but also for their potential technological functions. In a feasibility study with orange juice we found that chia seeds affect product viscosity and sensory characteristics. It showed how important pre-wetting is in improving processability and how temperature affects the rate of wetting out. Read the report (Chia seeds - considerations for use - RD420) on the project web page.

Contact: Charlotte Holmes
+44(0)1386 842257

UV-C for improving fresh produce quality

The application of ultraviolet light (UV-C) systems has been steadily growing commercially for the surface decontamination of food products, packaging and equipment. UV-C not only impacts on microorganisms; it has been shown to modify metabolic pathways to improve the quality of selected fresh food products. UV-C has also been shown to penetrate some types of packaging. A feasibility study focused on understanding the types of packaging which allow the transmission of UV-C as well as the potential quality benefits for an example food product (sweet potato). Results are reported in Exploring the feasibility of UV-C "In pack" applications and quality improvement of fresh produce (RD421), which is available on the project web page.

Contact: Danny Bayliss
+44(0)1386 842130