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Resistant starch analysis From May 2019

Resistant starch analysis

As the focus on the nutritional quality of food and its influence on health increases, so does the interest in functional components such as resistant starch.

In human beings, this specific type of starch is not digested in the small intestine but ferments in the large intestine. Resistant starch is a type of dietary fibre naturally present in many starchy foods (e.g. bananas, potatoes, grains) which initiates a lower glycaemic response than digestible carbohydrates. As a result, Commission Regulation (EU) 432/2012 authorises an associated health claim.

As part of the member-funded research project on emerging ingredients, the resistant starch content of buckwheat grain and flour samples was determined and the potential effect of extrusion on resistant starch content was considered. The performance of AACC Method 32-40.01 was also investigated. The results have been published in RSS2018-26

In terms of general wheat and flour analysis skills, you may be interested in our Wheat and Flour Testing for Bakery Products course on 25-27 June 2019.

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