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The importance
            of rheology From June 2019

The importance of rheology

Rheology refers to the flow behaviour of materials. It depends on its properties, primarily viscosity. It is an important measurement, with some companies designing entire factory processes around single viscosity readings. Consumer acceptability of many foods is also largely determined by texture, such as how thick or creamy they are.

In a recent video, food scientist, Jo Baker-Perrett discusses how viscometers and rheometers are used to measure viscosity and viscoelasticity. He highlights the importance of measuring these properties as they change when subjected to force (e.g. during processing or pumping of an ingredient).

If you’re interested in reducing costs by sourcing cheaper ingredients, improving or characterising quality, improving your processing, reformulating by moving to a clean label or comparing your products against competitors, we can provide tailored product characterisation training - which includes, amongst many things, rheology.

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