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Sausages From December 2017 newsletter

Sausage services

Sausages feature regularly in consumer shopping baskets. There are some truly innovative recipes, particularly in restaurants, which can elevate this traditional food to gourmet status.

There are a huge range of sausage types and recipes, but most products contain a cereal or starch to absorb and hold water. This is often crucial to texture and succulence. Choosing the correct starch or binder will enable the sausage to be processed efficiently and provide the desired texture in the cooked product.

There is an array of starch and binders available to manufacturers, including those traditionally used, such as rusk, and alternatives driven by the desire for clean and 'free from' labels.

It's important to get the recipe and process right - we have a range of equipment to manufacture sausages including mincers, bowl cutters, blenders, fillers and packaging options and can help develop and test new sausage formulations on a pilot scale. We can also assess the quality of products, help to improve taste and texture, and increase shelf life.

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