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Does your product look and taste as it should? From March 2019

Does your product look and taste as it should?

Bespoke sensory training can help you make a product that meets its specification and looks, smells and tastes as it should. Sensory training can also help to instil confidence in the product and processes. Our tailored consumer and sensory training courses are focused on your company’s objectives and requirements. Topics include:

Training for sensory assessors

Having competent sensory assessors is an important aspect of monitoring product targets and specifications, and can help improve product quality and reduce customer complaints. Our training for sensory assessors covers sensory principles, best practices and screening procedures for in-house taste panels. Contact Sue Purcell

New sensory methods training

There is a large variety of new sensory methods that can be used to reduce product development lead times and help address specific research objectives. We also offer tailored training in these methods alongside discrimination test methods. Contact Josefine Hammerby

Our training courses last from two hours to four days depending on the levels of training required and the topics of choice. The courses can be conducted at your own site or a venue of your choice or at Campden BRI. We also offer advice and consultancy on specific sensory and related issues.