The impact of light on shelf life From November 2017 newsletter

The impact of light on shelf life

Ensuring that product colour does not change or fade whilst on a supermarket shelf can be difficult as light is one of a range of factors that can affect shelf life. If a product is left on a shelf for a long period there can be an impact on its visual appearance. This can impact how much it appeals to a consumer, particularly if product colour varies between items.

Changes in colour can be accurately measured to see if changes are detectable to the human eye. We’ve recently worked with clients to assess how light impacts how their product ages in in-store conditions. We can assess the impact of lux (illuminance) in a range of storage conditions including chilled, ambient and hot and humid climates - imitating conditions found in any supermarket. From the results of our assessments different solutions, such as alternative colourings, composition and packaging can be investigated.

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