predicting shelf-life From March 2016

New test for predicting shelf-life

Oxidation is a common issue in the shelf-life of food and drink products. It not only affects those containing fat or oil, causing changes in taste and odour, but it can be responsible for colour changes as well. Understanding how to reduce oxidation, by adjusting formulations or altering packaging, will lead to a longer shelf life, reduced waste in production and an improved consumer experience.

Following initial trials, we have introduced a new system for testing product oxidation. Based on the Oxitest, it can analyse a wide range of products within a short time frame, which is a useful approach for the food industry. It measures the absolute pressure change inside the reaction chamber, where the initial pressure and the temperature are set at an elevated level. The instrument monitors oxygen uptake by reactive components in the sample and generates an induction period (IP) value, which shows the length of time required to reach the starting point of oxidation. The longer the IP, the higher will be the stability against oxidation.

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