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UHT processing facilities for low sugar drinks From June 2016

UHT processing facilities for low sugar drinks

With the announcement of a sugar tax on beverages there is likely to be increased interest in reformulation of beverages. We have recently used our UHT/HTST tubular heat exchanger to produce samples of low sugar fruit and dairy drinks as part of a member research funded project on sugar reduction. We flash pasteurised and hot filled an ambient stable, reduced-sugar fruit juice drink, containing apple, blackcurrant and raspberry juice, water and steviol glycosides. A chilled banana milk shake also containing steviol glycosides was also produced.

The unit is suitable for a range of products including dairy beverages, milk shakes, fruit juices, smoothies and beverage syrups, as well as fortified and functional beverages, smooth sauces and soups. Tubular and plate heat exchangers are interchangeable, the former possessing variable tube holding options, and it can process at temperatures up to 150°C. UHT/pasteurisation throughputs of up to 20 litres/hour are ideal for NPD samples, and the computer controlled system comes with a data logging system.

Contact: Sarah Chapman
+44(0)1386 842212