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UV-C processing capability acquired

We have recently invested in an ultraviolet light tunnel system for research and contract services. UV light treatment is a non-thermal, non-chemical technology to inactivate microorganisms, and has been used to disinfect water/air systems and for surface decontamination (packaging and work surfaces) for many years. In comparison, its application to process foods, which is an area that we will be exploring, is a relatively new and challenging area.

Our system consists of 16 x 95W high output UV-C emitters, where the product can be treated from both above and below.

Although all UV wavelengths cause some photochemical effects, wavelengths in the UV-C range (100-280nm) are particularly damaging to cells because they are absorbed by proteins, RNA, and DNA. Germicidal efficiency reaches a peak at about 254 nm. Treatment with ultraviolet energy offers several advantages to food processors as it does not leave a residue, and does not require extensive safety equipment. It is also easy to use and is relatively low on equipment, energy and maintenance costs.

Contact: Danny Bayliss
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