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Plant plans From May 2017

Upgrading plant hygienically

A new member-funded research project will identify, develop and document solutions to food hygiene risks that result from carrying out modifications at an existing food and drink manufacturing premises. It will provide up-to-date impartial guidance on changes to an existing processing plant, ensuring that hygiene considerations influencing food safety risks are known and correctly managed.

Building modifications and equipment rearrangements can be very invasive. They sometimes need to be carried out whilst other parts of the building continue to operate. Modifications can increase food safety risks and, if not properly managed or understood, will remain untackled until product failure. With continuous operations happening in the same area, the risks of carrying out these modifications have to be closely managed.

The project will look at the food safety related issues that can arise, such as incorrect drain directed flow, damaged flooring or inappropriate use of air systems. This will be done through practical trials under controlled conditions, and a case study will be developed at an existing factory site. Findings from the studies will be incorporated into a new guideline document and other activities and materials to help companies.

Contact: Mariane Hodgkinson
+44(0)1386 842272