Water from non-potable sources From January 2013 newsletter

Water from non-potable sources – new project

A new member subscription–funded project will investigate the use of non–potable water in food manufacturing operations. During the spring of 2012 drought restrictions in water use were in place in half of England. Despite recent weather, it is feared that this type of situation will continue and, with global warming, more droughts are expected over the next years. In parallel, the essential demand for water by industry, agriculture and the public will increase year-on-year. In some parts of the country, water companies are restricting the amount of water they will supply to the food industry.

Risks associated

Use of non-potable water is a potential alternative to the use or reuse of precious potable water in certain circumstances. One of the problems with this is that the risks associated with using such water need to be assessed - with hygiene, and chemical and microbiological contamination issues being of particular concern. So far, there is no guidance on how to treat the water to prepare it for its intended use. The study will build on the risk assessment approach established in the member-funded project that resulted in Guideline 70, Guidelines on the reuse of potable water for food processing operations.

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