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Why test disinfectants? From March 2019

Why test disinfectants?

Effective cleaning and disinfection are key to maintaining safe environments for the handling, processing and packaging of foods. Food business operators rely on proven effective products and traditional methods, including wet and dry cleaning, cleaning in place (CIP) systems and antibacterial hand washing. New technologies, chemistries and delivery methods including whole room disinfection, antimicrobial surfaces, and disinfectants with residual activity also need to be effective.

Manufacturers of disinfectant formulations, antimicrobial technologies and active ingredients must be able to substantiate the claims they make regarding the efficacy of their products. This involves submission of technical dossiers detailing their product´s performance in recognised, standardised laboratory tests.

We carry out a range of UKAS-accredited tests of disinfectants for many companies following standard ISO procedures, and are involved in the development of standards and testing of emergent antimicrobial technologies at both UK and international level.

Our disinfectant testing capabilities allow us to assess, both qualitatively and quantitatively, the antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and antibiofilm properties of disinfectants or their constituent active ingredients. We can help you to determine the efficacy of your formulation against a large range of standard indicator organisms, pathogens and application-specific microorganisms, as well as how the product performs under differing environmental conditions, or its efficacy on a range of surface types.

We can also offer bespoke field trials, as well as equipment washing, CIP and fresh produce washing assessments within our containment level 2 microbiology process hall.

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