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X-ray system boosts imaging capabilities From March 2015 newsletter

X-ray system boosts imaging capabilities

The quality and performance of many foods, ingredients and packaging materials relies heavily on their 3D structure. A new micro-computed tomography (CT) scanner will allow us to look at this in considerable detail, giving clients an insight into the microstructural properties of their food and packaging. The scanner, which works on the same principle as those used for medical CT scanners, but with much higher resolution, will be used to image and measure the internal structure of samples non-destructively. The images can be displayed as freely rotating 3D views or cross-sections, and analysed to provide accurate measurements of 3D structures.

Alix Cornish commented:

"The CT scanner will allow us to investigate the structure of foods without destroying the sample. Investigations will include food structure characterisation, such as porosity measurements of aerated foods, or size and position measurements of individual components within complex multi-component products. The scanner can also be used for packaging analysis, to check that dimensions are within specification and to image packaging faults.

Traditional 2D imaging techniques usually involve destructive sample preparation and the information is often insufficient to draw conclusions regarding the 3D structure. X-ray micro tomography systems allow 3D objects to be visualised and measured without any destructive sample preparation."

Contact: Alix Cornish
+44(0)1386 842054

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