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Establishment and use of microbiological criteria - standards, specifications and guidelines - for food 2nd edn 2017


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Understand what microbiological are and how a microbiological criterion can be set. Campden BRI provides two complementary tools to help food businesses in establishing microbiological criteria for food stuffs: Guideline 52 which provides an introduction to the subject and also a searchable database of published microbiological criteria (MERCADO).

This second edition of Guideline 52 details the importance and development of microbiological criteria. It describes what microbiological criteria are, as well as explaining how a microbiological criterion could be set for different circumstances relating to food production. The Microbiological Criteria Database (MERCADO) is a compilation of published microbiological criteria, available as a searchable database providing a comprehensive, informed and up-to-date user reference. Utilising this information will help the user to mke an informed decision relating to the particular question in hand.

Guideline 52 can be utilised on its own but also provides an introduction to the material which can be accessed from the database. Users of MERCADO are strongly advised to read Guideline 52 before accessing the database. For further information and subscription details relating to MERCADO please click here

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