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Next generation methods for microbiological and chemical food safety

Project team: Suzanne Jordan
Member funded research project
Running: Jan 2018 – Dec 2020
Steering MIG: Microbiology and Food and drink science
Project Number: 144029
Proposal documentation

Advances in analytical technologies have resulted in continued development of faster more efficient analytical methods. These allow us either to test more rapidly, with more certainty, or to test for hazards that we have never yet been able to detect. Such methods often come with little real world information or validation data. This project enables a very rapid response to be made to a need for new tests (when a new hazard emerges), or to quickly provide useful information on the practicality of new test systems coming onto the market.

The project will assess next generation technologies in microbiological and chemical analysis, enabling access to rapid effective monitoring of food hazards and spoilage issues through novel/improved testing protocols.

View the previous related project ‘Next generation methods for microbiological and chemical food safety’ (2015-2017).

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