New technologies for food manufacturing

Project title: New technologies for food and drink manufacturing
Member Funded Research project number: 147084

Why are we undertaking this project?

Manufacturers need independent data on ways to effectively validate and understand the benefits new processing and preservation technologies have of improving product quality. Understanding how processing or preservation technologies impact on the quality and shelf-life of products remains an important area for manufacturers.

What are we doing as part of this project?

The focus for this project will be on emerging technologies for improving quality and value and will conduct feasibility studies on commercially relevant emerging technologies. The project will inform members about additional new technologies through the new technologies bulletins, feasibility studies and desk-based reviews.

Planned work for 2020

Having conducted a review of a new in-line X-ray CT inspection system in year 1, planned work for 2020 includes:

  • Ultrasound applications for food and drink processing, including practical trials of 3 potential applications to brewing;
  • Exploring pulsed electric field (PEF) technology for baking applications;
  • A review of powder decontamination technologies;
  • Completion of a practical evaluation of solid state microwave processing in comparison with traditional magnetron systems, following preliminary trials in 2019.

Project timeline

Jan 2019 - Dec 2021

Project outputs

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