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Technical challenges associated with reducing or replacing single use plastic packaging within the food and drink industry

Project team: Craig Ballard
Member funded research project
Running: Jan 2019 – Dec 2021
Steering MIG: Packaging
Project Number: 147091
Proposal documentation

The usage of single use plastic packaging is widespread across many food and beverage categories including plastic bottles for juice/milk, trays and pots for goods such as meats and combination meals and multilayer plastics for snacks and packaging to cook products within satisfying consumer convenience and prevent cross contamination. Consumers have become aware of the negative effect single use plastic packaging is having when discarded irresponsibly and wish to see less single use plastics. This project will provide members with a better understanding of the UK’s recycling infrastructure for single use plastic packaging and exploring alternative materials and the technical challenges faced by packaging/ food companies in reducing or removing single use plastics so they can make tactical, immediate changes. Testing looking at alternative materials for a range of food/drink applications will be carried out and practical case studies will be produced. Consumer understanding of recycling and their acceptance of alternative materials will also be explored. This will allow members to make longer term strategic choices.

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