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Quality and safety of cereal–based products and ingredients for the food and brewing industry

Project team: Clothilde Baker
Member funded research project
Running: Jan 2017 – Dec 2019
Steering MIGs: Brewing and fermented alcoholic beverages and Cereals milling and baking
Project Number: 144856
Proposal documentation

The quality and safety of cereal–based raw materials, ingredients and products is crucial to the cereal, baking and brewing sectors as well as many others. Analytical methods are a critical component of assuring quality and safety, and their development, trialling, standardisation and validation is a vital part of this. Cereals such as barley, oats and wheat are used in a wide range of products. They may be processed into the main ingredient (e.g. as malt, flour) in products such as beer, breads, biscuits, tortillas and many others or as a more minor ingredient in products such as soups, drinks, batter, and crumb coated foods.

The quality and safety of cereals is of great importance to the relevant supply chains in particular since some of the cereal quality parameters have a direct influence on functionality and processing. This project will evaluate and make available a range of core analytical methods for cereals–based materials.

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