Packaging – leak detection

Leaks in packs compromise both product safety and quality. This clip illustrates how leaks can be detected in packs such as pouches – for example when troubleshooting packaging problems – and as part of seal strength assessment.

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This would be used when food manufacturers are troubleshooting integrity issues within their process or their packaging and also to establish seal strength of retorted packs. The pack to be tested is placed in a chamber of water, the lid is put down until the pack is fully immersed, a vacuum is drawn on the chamber and any defects within the seal are seen as bubbles escaping from the pack. This works provided that there is air within the pack to escape. Leak detection is an offline integrity method to measure defects or weak areas within a seal of a range of pack formats. This test is usually carried out to five inches of mercury or 169 millibars and this replicates the pressures that you would see in the hold of aircraft.

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