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3d printer From March 2019

3D printing of food

Project: 3D printing of food

We have recently invested in a 3D printer to investigate the potential for, and the limitations of, 3D printing when applied to food.

The 3D printer will be used to assess:

Interest in 3D printing has increased in recent years and the technology is now being applied to the food sector. Fused deposition modelling can print any paste-like food material that sets (e.g. chocolate, dough, batter and food purees). The process works by using software to create 3D shapes and printing ‘slices’ of the shapes, one after another, to build up the final 3D product.

3D printing may reduce process development and NPD time. It could also reduce food waste by printing on demand, and by utilising imperfect perishable food that would otherwise be wasted.

Contact: Gael Delamare
+44(0)1386 842220