Agriculture From February 2019

Meet a MIG - Agri-food

In a new bi-monthly feature, we pick a Member Interest Group and take a look at what it’s working on: What it’s members are interested in? What type of research projects it is steering? What are the current hot topics? What’s in store for future meetings?

First up is the Agri-food MIG

The Agri-food MIG looks at primary production, primary processing, storage and distribution of food and feed crops. Members work to promote the supply of safe, legal and quality products that meet the needs of the food and feed chain, in a way that is both sustainable and commercially viable.

Research projects the group is currently steering include risk reduction strategies for chemical contaminants, improving the nutritional status of crops, and the potential of plant proteins for ingredient and product development.

One discussion at the last agri-food meeting was literally a hot topic - the weather, and its effects on crops. In common with most MIGs, plastic and recycling came up as well as the other regular issue of Brexit - in this case, potential labour shortages being the main concern.

Agri-food’s next meeting on 14 February promises to be another interesting and stimulating event with a guest speaker on sustainable soil management and an update on viruses, in particular norovirus, and fresh produce.

Contact: Emma Burton
+44(0)1386 842233