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More new kit – drinks carbonator

A new drinks carbonator and the latest in liquid chromatography provide two examples from our installation of equipment worth £1.4m

Put the fizz back in your drinks

Or keep them still if you want to! A new filler/carbonator in our process hall will enable us to help clients improve their bottled drinks.The recently installed Armfield Soft Drinks Carbonator has the facility to produce a wide range of still and carbonated beverages. Sarah Chapman, from our product innovation team, comments:

"It has a range of filling heads to accommodate a variety of bottle and can sizes - glass, metal or plastic - and is suitable for packing up to 250 units per day. A computer controlled system can be preset to carbonation levels and temperatures suitable for client requirements."

This complements our existing drinks processing expertise and facilities available for you to use, such as:

Contact: Sarah Chapman
+44(0)1386 842212

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