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Factory From August 2018 newsletter

BRC Global Standard for Food Safety Issue 8

The BRC Global Standard for Food Safety Issue 8 is launched this month. The first audits will be conducted against it from February 2019. Companies that work to the standard need to be aware of the changes, and to start to prepare to meet them now. We are hosting briefing sessions to help companies understand the major changes and how these will affect them. We also offer tailored practical support at company sites or remotely.

The standard is updated based on trends and issues affecting the food industry, as well as areas of non-conformance in audits.

One of the most obvious changes to issue 8 is the addition of sections on ‘production risk zones’ and ‘traded goods’. New requirements of food safety and quality culture, food defence and environmental monitoring will need to be implemented. Updates to existing sections include validating cooking instructions and shelf-life, training on labelling, cyber security, understanding laboratory results, traceability procedures, and defining root cause analysis.

Contact: Richard Leathers
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