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Analyses: Vitamin analysis; Inulin, fibre and sweetness From August 2019

Hygiene inspection of the brewery

Maintaining good hygiene standards in a complex production environment manufacturing multiple products, can be challenging.

The brewing industry is currently undergoing transformation - the ever-rising consumer demand for beverages which are low in alcohol or non-alcoholic, contain new flavours, or show innovation or novelty, has increased the demands on brewers.

The move towards unpasteurised products and the use of novel raw materials lead to potential risks of pathogens and spoilage organisms contaminating the beverages. Additionally, successful craft breweries that expand quickly can end up trying to meet demand by manufacturing in confined spaces. In all these situations, good hygiene is paramount to avoid quality defects.

At Campden BRI we offer support in assessing the risk of cross-contamination by conducting independent hygiene audits and inspections, so that critical areas which require attention or upgrading can be highlighted. We also help by reviewing HACCP plans and implementing environmental monitoring schedules and training brewery staff in how to conduct environmental monitoring including sampling and data analysis. Get in touch to find out more.

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