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Creation of a Scottish rye whisky

Campden BRI case study

We helped John Fergus & Co to create a new rye whisky – Ryelaw. John Fergus & Co is a new malt whisky company, founded in 2011.

We worked with John Fergus & Co to help them to produce a new whisky which met the legal definition of Scotch whisky and Rye whiskey in the US. We used our 50kg pilot maltings to bridge the gap between conventional micro malting systems and the full-scale production. We malted InchDairnie’s (John Fergus and Co’s distillery) raw rye in our pilot maltings and then mixed it with distillers malt before brewing it using a mash filter to separate the wort. The fermented wash contained more than 51% rye. The resultant spirit is now maturing in new American oak casks in their distillery.

Ian Palmer, Managing Director, at John Fergus & Co said “We chose Campden BRI as they were the organisation that had the equipment and capability for what we needed. They were easy to work with and understood very quickly what we wanted to achieve. We are already planning the next product to work with them on.”

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