Pet food development

Pet food development

Campden BRI case study

Campden BRI worked with PetsLoveFresh, a start-up pet food business, to help them develop a premium dog food product from the initial concept to production and distribution.

New product development
PetsLoveFresh wanted to create a pet food that used high quality ingredients, was nutritionally balanced and was a premium food for pets. We worked with a leading animal nutrition company to develop a recipe, which we tested with kitchen ingredients and then with commercially available ingredients to produce pilot samples. The recipe developed was preservative-free - the product is cooked, immediately frozen and then defrosted before serving.

After the successful pilot trials, we helped PetsLoveFresh to find ingredient suppliers that kept the cost of their product viable while maintaining the quality. We also assessed the product for microbial safety and undertook nutritional testing.

Once the product was ready, we helped PetsLoveFresh to find a manufacturer and provided information on the regulatory requirements for the production of pet foods. We also used our contacts to help find a packaging supplier, undertook packaging trials and provided advice to PetsLoveFresh on labelling.

We explored how the shelf life of the product would be impacted by distribution methods, such as by post. We also checked the product complied with mail order rules and regulations and evaluated suitable packaging for mailing the product.

Start to finish innovation service
Mark Farmiloe, founder of PetsLoveFresh, said “By working with Campden BRI we were able to pursue our goal of developing what we believe is the best dog food possible from scratch. Their innovation and new product development process helped us to transform our idea into a final product. They provided thorough advice backed up by scientific and technical expertise at every step.”

Liz Mulvey, Product Innovation Lead, said “Developing new food and drink products is a complex process - requiring knowledge of ingredients, processing techniques, packaging materials, legislation and consumer demands and preferences. We have all of these and can bring them all together to help you make the right decisions.”

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