Use of pepite HT in sausages

Campden BRI case study

Semoulerie de Bellevue - Crecerpal (part of the Panzani group) asked Campden BRI to evaluate the use of their ingredient Pepite HT in the formulation of sausages. Pepite HT is 100% hydro heated durum wheat semolina. We assessed the technical feasibility of its use in the manufacture of sausages and its sensory attributes.

We assessed the processing performance of Pepite HT during manufacture, including the visual appearance of the raw sausage throughout life, texture analysis and cooking loss. A sensory assessment using the Campden BRI Sensory Quality Grading Method was also carried out.

Jean Philippe Dardar Commercial Director of Semoulerie de Bellevue, said: "Working with Campden BRI allowed us to assess feasibility alongside sensory criteria when developing potential uses for Pepite HT in sausages. Campden BRI's work was in line with our expectations and they delivered clear and understandable results".

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