Objective sensory quality assessments

Campden BRI supports TUCO tenders with sensory assessment

Campden BRI case study

We have enjoyed a long standing and mutually beneficial association with TUCO (The Universities Caterers Organisation) - providing independent and objective sensory quality assessments as part of the TUCO Quick Frozen Foods and Grocery Provisions and Chilled Foods Tender process for over 20 years.

Recently we conducted sensory evaluation on TUCO’s Grocery Provisions and Chilled Foods tender samples. These assessments enable TUCO to make an informed decision regarding which contract to award to which suppliers – and so are an extremely important part of the tendering process. The sensory quality team assessed a total of 179 products from 17 suppliers covering 20 product groups. The team - a small panel of screened, trained and experienced sensory quality assessors - graded the products using the relevant Campden BRI Canned Food specification (grading for defects and sensory evaluation as well as evaluating drained weights, Brix and pH where appropriate). Sensory Quality Grading (an in-house developed method) was also applied; in this case products were independently graded by the team on a 1-9 quality grading scale with objective comments recorded for appearance, odour, flavour and texture. The results of each product assessment and sample identification/coding details were reported in full.

We hosted a TUCO sampling day on August 2nd 2016, to provide TUCO with the opportunity to conduct direct assessments. All 179 tender products were re-submitted and assessed by a team of 6 TUCO representatives led by Jane Eve, Head of Contracts at TUCO. The team independently assessed and scored the products using the internal TUCO scoring system. To minimise assessor bias, products were presented blind with no supplier information available during the assessments. At the end of each product group, the scores were automatically collated, products rated from first to last position and the supplier names finally revealed.

We all judge what we eat and drink by its sensory qualities. Working with Campden BRI, TUCO has developed a robust process for assessing the sensory quality of products to be delivered by suppliers awarded contracts through the tender process.

Susan Rogers, Sensory Testing Services Section Manager
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