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Campden BRI worked with Roberts Bakery to design a new training course that tackles bakery quality issues - from ingredients to product.

Roberts Bakery is a family business that has been baking bread in the UK since 1887. Over 3.5 million loaves of high quality bread, bread rolls and teacakes are made by Roberts Bakery each week.

The one-day course took place on site at Roberts Bakery in Cheshire and was attended by 10 people from across the technical, production and product development sides of the business.

Campden BRI’s bakery experts explained baking theory, including the cause of quality issues in bread, how to mix and mould bread correctly, and how to set up an oven for peak performance. The course also focused on reformulation issues - such as accommodating the addition or removal of ingredients, replacing the functionality of removed ingredients and adapting bread mixes for different flour types.

This new one-day course is flexible and can be tailored to allow bakeries to troubleshoot and solve specific issues they may be facing.

Alison Ordonez, Technical and Quality Director at Roberts Bakery said, “Working with Campden BRI we developed a training course for small groups of our employees which helped them to better understand specific baking issues related to Roberts Bakery. The tailored training offered by Campden BRI was expertly executed, on-topic and gave staff the technical background they needed to take a fresh look at our mixing, proving and baking processes.”

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