Bubbles improve washing and cleaning From July 2016

Bubbles improve washing and cleaning

Incorporating air bubbles into water can significantly increase the removal of biofilm in washing, according to member-funded research. With increasing focus on reducing some cleaning agents, this opens up potential new approaches to cleaning.

Surface cleaning trials

Initial trials explored the removal of ‘simple’ biofilms of Pseudomonas aeruginosa from stainless steel samples using plain water or water containing bubbles of air. Subsequent trials examined the removal of a mix of carbohydrate, protein and fat from stainless steel. A commercial readymeal containing these was minced to form a smooth paste, which was coated on to stainless steel samples and heated. After cooling, the surface was spray-washed with water that either did or did not contain bubbles. Analysis of ATP levels demonstrated that the use of bubbles markedly improved the removal of the contamination.

Incorporating bubbles into the water used for the removal of food soils and microorganisms has a clear advantage. The systems available to create the bubbles are simple and use only ambient and not compressed air. If you wish to carry out contract trials with this technology, please contact us.

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