Cold Plasma From April 2013 newsletter

Cold plasma – a new technology with potential

The industrial need for timely, accurate and concise information on developments in manufacturing technologies is as great as ever. We have been disseminating information on novel technologies since 1990, as a blend of desk-based research to produce information bulletins, and practical 'proof of principle' evaluations of new technologies carried out with a view to identifying areas for more detailed research.

The desk-based research, in the form of our New Technologies Bulletins and Technology Updates, provides a 'snapshot' of current innovations in food manufacture. To complement this, one of the particular practical areas we will be evaluating is the use of cold atmospheric plasmas to disinfect foodborne pathogens on different surfaces such as steel and a conveyor belt material.We will also look at its use in treating fresh fruit and vegetables. The primary focus will be to assess the ability of cold plasma to control microorganisms under conditions closer to factory reality, in terms of soiling levels, contact times, material types, and food ingredient and product types. For the decontamination of food ingredients and products, instrumental quality assessment will also be conducted for colour and texture. Potential scale up to pilot plant level will also be considered.

Contact: Danny Bayliss
+44(0)1386 842130

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