Dealcoholisation  - pilot scale trials From July 2019

Dealcoholisation - the guidelines

The UK government has produced guidance on low alcohol descriptors, to help the drinks industry and retailers in marketing their products responsibly.

In the UK, specific descriptors are given to drinks that are 1.2% alcohol by volume (abv) or less. The descriptors apply to drinks that contained alcohol at some point in their production. The guidance is as follows:

Rules differ in EU Member States, especially for beer, on what is considered alcohol-free or not. In the Netherlands, for example, alcohol-free beer is below 0.1% vol, while in Belgium it is below 0.5% vol, below 1.0% vol in Spain and below 1.2% vol in France and Italy.

In the European Union, spirit drink names may not be used to describe a product below, or diluted with water below, the minimum alcoholic strength established for its category (for instance, 37.5% for gin).

The details around labelling of alcoholic drinks with reduced alcohol content are varied and complex. Please get in touch to find out more about the guidelines on dealcoholised drinks as this has significant implications for labelling, marketing and sale of these products.

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