Factory hygiene From February 2020

Better factory hygiene: measuring microbial populations

The powerful DNA analysis technique of advanced microbial profiling allows the environmental (microbial) loads of factories to be easily analysed in detail. This includes the presence of organisms that are difficult to culture. This extra information has the potential to deliver previously unobtainable insights into the microbial ecology of a factory.

One of our new member-funded research projects will investigate the microflora of factories making different product categories and investigate the changes in microbial populations over a year. The experiments will firstly deliver base-line data on the impact of normal factory operation on the underlying microflora. Once we’ve established this, predictions on the impact of changes to operations will be made and verified through further data collection. The aim is to help the industry understand how conditions and methods (e.g. surface wetness or cleaning procedures) influence microflora and how we can potentially change these factors for the better by, for example, altering the environment to discourage spoilage flora.

Contact: Annette Sansom
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