New flash pasteuriser for the pilot plant From January 2014 newsletter

New flash pasteuriser for the pilot plant

The acquisition of a new Armfield flash pasteuriser will enable us to expand and improve our range of pilot plant trials to meet the needs of our clients. Emma Hanby, Product Innovation Manager, commented:

"We regularly receive enquiries for UHT/flash pasteurisation from companies wishing to develop drinks. They would like to be able to flash pasteurise their beverages and beverage syrup prior to carbonating and filling using our new carbonator. The unit is also suitable for the pasteurisation of dairy drinks. The laminar flow cabinet allows products to be filled under clean conditions, and the system will allow them to see the effect of processing on their product.

An advantage of a new unit is that it will further enhance our product development work and our ability to develop new product concept samples. These units are very suitable for product development trials where relatively small volumes of products (2–8 litres) are required. However, they are still capable of producing the slightly larger quantities of products required by some clients.

Emma Hanby
+44(0)1386 842262

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