Revised food safety guideline From July 2019

Revised food safety guideline

Ensuring factories are cleaned and disinfected effectively is a fundamental prerequisite for the safe production of food and drink. A new member-funded project will update our guidance (Guideline 55) which helps businesses clean and disinfect their food factories. The new guide will address a number of changes in the management and practice of hygiene in food production that have emerged since this well-established guideline was first published.

A practical element of the new project will be to create short educational videos on how to carry out key aspects of hygiene in production. Industry practitioners will be closely involved in the project through a consultative group working alongside Campden BRI specialists which will meet at key stages of the project. The group will research literature and relevant regulations and combine this with the output of practical studies to collate current best practices and guidance in cleaning and disinfection.

A parallel project will follow a similar approach to produce an up-to-date ‘one-stop-shop’ guideline document on controlling Listeria during food production.

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