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Biscuit texture From February 2018 newsletter

Modelling of the impact of food structure on food texture

Texture is an important sensory characteristic of many food products. Developing or reformulating products typically requires production and evaluation of many process and recipe variations to identify those that have the required structure and texture. This can be time consuming, involving use of costly pilot production facilities and sensory panels.

A new member funded research project will develop an improved capability to design products with the required texture by modelling the effects of differences in structure, and understand how process conditions can be used to create the required structure for a range of product types. It will demonstrate these capabilities through case studies, evaluate the effect of reformulation on texture and establish computer modelling facilities and expertise.

For examples of how we have previously used a micro-CT scanner to investigate food structure see these videos:

Aerated chocolate:


Green Coffee Bean:

Roasted Coffee Bean:

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