Improving product quality with thermal process optimisation From April 2020

Thermal process validation - for safety and quality

Many food and drink products are exposed to heat to reduce or eliminate the presence of microorganisms, but if the thermal processes are not applied properly, products may pose a significant danger to public health. Therefore, we must validate thermal processes to ensure they lead to products that are safe to consume.

Our thermal processing specialist David Whittaker has produced two whiteboard presentations to help you understand how thermal processes are validated and how you can optimise yours.

In his first video, David gives a rundown on the methods we use to build the evidence that allows us to determine whether a thermal process will deliver a safely processed product. This includes the variables we consider that help create the ‘worst-case scenario’ when performing the practical tests that validate a process.

His second video details how we interpret and use the results from a validation study to optimise a thermal process. Our work at Campden BRI has found that optimisation better preserves a product’s nutritional and sensory attributes - which is very important for quality and consumer acceptance.

To watch the videos, search ‘talking head’ at Contact us to find out how we can validate and optimise your thermal processes.

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