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Ingredient selection to meet nutritional targets

Project: Ingredient selection to meet compositional and nutritional targets

A system is being developed to help members with ingredient selection during formulation and reformulation - to better meet compositional and nutritional targets.

The system brings together competitive and pre-competitive drivers, labelling options, known consumer responses to labelling, and UK and European legislation. Its design aims to improve and speed up the product reformulation process.

Compositional and nutritional goals

Food and beverage product formulation and ingredient selection is increasingly being targeted to meet a number of compositional and nutritional goals. This process is often technical, due to the large number of variables involved and the wider effects of reformulation, but necessary in the context of nutrition claims and wider corporate social responsibilities.

The system is being developed through member-funded research in direct response to this industrial need.

Contact: Emma Hanby
+44(0)1386 842262