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Antimicrobial surfaces - new member-funded project From July 2011 newsletter

Antimicrobial surface technology – new member–funded project

Surfaces can be impregnated or coated with a biocide or technology that generates a biocide, or with substances that make the removal of micro–organisms easier. All these surfaces can be termed 'antimicrobial'. A number of surface antimicrobial technologies are already commercially available and some are still under development.

The efficacy of surface antimicrobial technologies in the food manufacturing environment has still not been established and, as such, their usefulness in contamination control is unclear. However, they could provide enhanced food safety, quality and shelf life, and help reduce food waste and cleaning chemical use, if they can be demonstrated to be effective.

This project is evaluating and validating appropriate assessment methods for the technologies being developed so that the food industry can be confident in their use. It will provide: information on surface antimicrobial technologies available/under development; surface antimicrobials testing methods, and facilities that can be used to evaluate and validate the technology; and access to an improved service with respect to advice and support on the selection and use of appropriate antimicrobial surface technology.

Contact: Debra Smith
+44(0)1386 842204