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Campden BRI Day 2011

Building on the successful new format piloted last year, Campden BRI Day 2011 was a tremendous success, with around 450 registered members and guests. As ever, the Annual Campden Lecture was a highlight of the day, given this year by Miles Templeman, Director- General of the Institute of Directors. Taking 'Challenges for business' as his theme, Mr. Templeman reflected on both the specific and general issues faced by businesses in today's economic climate, and set these in the context of current socio–political developments – commenting on issues as diverse as the development of leadership within business to the influence of regulation and government policy. You can listen to the lecture on our podcasts page.


The Heinz Award for Excellence is presented to an employee of Campden BRI who has demonstrated extraordinary scientific contributions to the food processing industry in recent years, with specific attention to contributions during the past year. This year it was presented by Nigel Dickie, Director of Corporate and Government Affairs at Heinz, to Sarab Sahi for his work on promoting ingredient functionality as a route to a sustainable relationship with the food industry. Gary Freeman received a special runners-up prize for his work on process optimisation.


The exhibits and displays this year were based around four themes: research and innovation, analysis and testing, knowledge management, and operational support. The format of the day allowed time to network and view the exhibits, some of which can be viewed on our Campden BRI Day page. Highlights included new eye tracking software, pasteurisation of dry ingredients, and a new electronic food law guide.