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How effective is this disinfectant? From June 2011 newsletter

How effective is this disinfectant?

Ensuring that factories are cleaned and disinfected effectively and in a timely manner is a fundamental prerequisite in the production of safe and wholesome foods.This involves decisions on when to clean, how to clean and what chemicals to use. Our expertise is used both by disinfectant manufacturers and the food and drink industry to ensure that formulations are effective and that appropriate products are used in specific situations.

The manufacturers of both disinfectant formulations and active ingredients must be able to substantiate the claims they make on the efficacy of their products.This involves submission of technical dossiers detailing their product's performance in recognised, standardised laboratory tests. We carry out many of these tests for disinfectant companies and are involved in the development of the tests at both UK and International level.

Effective formulations

Different formulations are effective in different situations, and against different microorganisms. Amongst the many questions that users ask are: what organisms is the formulation effective against? does the product work under chilled and/or ambient conditions? and how effective is it? We work with disinfectant-producing companies and disinfectant users to ensure that the claims made on the container are correct and can be substantiated.We can then support the food and drink industry, advising them on what type of disinfectant and cleaning approach would be most suitable for their particular circumstance.

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