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New technologies research From September 2019

New technologies research

New technologies help drive innovation and assure product safety and quality. Our member-funded 'new technologies’ project reviews recent developments and conducts feasibility studies on promising technologies - highlighting new opportunities for members.

The next bulletin will focus on X-ray technology and its applications, including a mini case study evaluating a new online 3D computed tomography scanner and its potential for application within the food and drink industry. We’re currently assessing this technology’s capabilities with foreign body detection and quality control testing. You can find the latest edition by searching ‘new technologies bulletin’ at Meanwhile, our feasibility study focuses on solid-state microwaves and their ability to uniformly heat products. We have installed the equipment and are conducting initial trials on ready-rolled pastry and mashed potato to assess uniformity of heating.

The ‘New Technologies for Food and Drink Manufacturing’ project has been running in various forms since 1990 - selected and renewed by members every three years, with its activities steered by members through the Processing, Operations and Preservation MIG.

Contact: Danny Bayliss, New Technology Research Team Leader
+44(0)1386 842130

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